"Communicating with flair" 
Create beauty through musical communication with people with dementia.
Hanne Deneire wrote a free report to share for care.

"Communicating with flair" underscores the necessity to incorporate musical communication into daily care for people with dementia, making everyone happier, as well the residents as the caregivers.

This method is intended to be a source of inspiration for home and professional caregivers and home care policy.
Hanne Deneire
Symphonist of Music & People
Connect people through music!
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Hanne Deneire performs groundbreaking work for people with dementia.  I have seen Hanne realizing amazing things with people with dementia and apathie through awakening emotions. 
Her work adds a remarkable value to the humanisation of dementia. 
Prof. Dr. Sebastiaan Engelborghs

Hanne Deneire re-invents the healthcare sector 
with her musical vision. She is one of the 
top 5 speakers I have ever heard! 

Jonas Oomen, Music Expert
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It is impressive how Hanne coaches you through the combination of music and change of attitude in her traject! I recommend her Masterclasses to employés as well as board members of care institutions. The Masterclass is inspiring, innovative and when implemented well cost effective!

Wilma Matheij, Fundraiser

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